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1-1 Chat
with Students
from Top Universities Globally

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education agents have NO first-hand experience of studying abroad


students said their agents gave them wrong program and universities


students felt more confident about their choice after talking to a current student or alumni

Source: Uniting market survey (2021 - 2022) conducted with 3500 current students and study abroad aspirants

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I express my heartfelt gratitude to my mentor for Ireland in Uniting. I was able to get more than just simple answers to my questions. I gained clarity & in-depth knowledge to make the right choice

MSc in Data Analytics in NCI

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Am I eligible to apply for Data Analytics? I do not have a computer science background.

Is one recommendation letter enough?

Can I pay tuition fees in instalments?

How much can I earn with a part time job? How many hours can I work/week?

How can I apply for PSW after graduation?

Hows the climate during winters?

What are the job opportunities in IT? When will I become eligible for a PR?

Can I get any scholarship?

Can students get Internships while studying? What is the average pay?

Which documents are required for VISA?

My GMAT score is 580. What are the top 3 Business schools that I can get an admit in?

Will the university offer accommodation?

Can the application deadline be extended?

What is the average cost of a meal in a cafeteria?





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